About Us

To power the global economy and make energy and natural resources accessible, affordable and more sustainable

Our mission is to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of artificial lift products & services – a key segment for the entire market.

We develop the most advanced technologies for industrial companies constantly taking care of efficiency and environmental impact. With more than a century history of engineering innovation, our electrically driven technology, comprehensive service capabilities, and global expertise helps customers produce more oil or transfer more surface fluids by the most cost-effective means.

Our confidence and leadership ambitions are based on a powerful combination of:

  • A proven suite of solutions
  • Innovation culture
  • Diversified production facilities
  • A commitment to Research & Development (R&D)
  • Investments in new markets
  • Fast response to customer requests and deep understanding of the industry
  • 70 years of ESP expertise
  • 20 years of international operations
  • Vertical integration that incorporates state-of-the-art R & D, prolific manufacturing plants, and full cycle service facilities for operations in 20+ countries
  • Technology pioneering – mass implementation of PMM with over 22000 installations in last 17 years
22 000Ea
Total number of PMMs installed
892 022 040KWh
Estimated Annual Energy Savings with PMMs in operation
107 042 645USD
Estimated Annual Cost Savings with PMMs in operation

Our core values


our company attaches great importance to the speed of reaction and attention to the customers needs


as sustainable achievement of maximum possible results in everything we do


it is important for us to be transparent to our investors, partners and customers


we create an innovative environment and support initiatives related to education and science


equal opportunities to all employees without regard to race, ethnic or national origin, color, nationality, religion or belief, sex, marital status, age or disability


major benefits of innovation is not only its contribution to economic growth but also ecology and the preservation of the planet for future generations


we are a trustworthy innovators in the industry, we value the trust of our customers around the world

Engineering, Research & Development

Levare research and development (R&D) center is located in Tulsa, OK (USA). The R&D center focuses on designing and upgrading downhole and surface pumping systems.

Levare R&D teams develop new artificial lift technologies that help operators to enhance oil production and decrease their lifting costs.

New products are designed using advanced 3D CAD and 3D prototyping software tools, solid metal 3D printing, and CFD analysis.

Our R&D center provides unique downhole ESP equipment expertise and advanced testing capabilities.

Modern laboratories include

250 ft deep vertical wells that allow testing of completely assembled ESP systems with flow rates of 150 bpd to 85,000 bpd
Automated horizontal benches to test high-flow pumps, tandem pumps and multi-phase pumps
Horizontal bench that simulates pump operation in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) mode
Endurance testing of motors of more than 1,000 hp, shroud/recirculation systems, testing for motor cooling and motors at elevated temperatures



On-going analysis of Green House Gas (GHG) mitigation strategies, including efficiency improvement opportunities, alternative fuels, and emerging technologies such as:

  • LED fittings to replace existing lighting
  • Upgrade of technological equipment
  • Renewable energy sources utilization
  • Power connections to the national grid instead of diesel generator power supply
  • Solar panels to produce electric power and reduce GHG emissions
  • The company has conducted a Baseline Emissions Inventory / Carbon Footprint (Data Collection & Analysis)
  • Levare has established short-, mid-, and long-term targets for reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions directly or indirectly linked to operations
  • Levare is in process of development of decarbonization strategy to align with the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement Nature and Environment

Nature and Environment

  • Levare is committed to comply with environmental laws, regulations, and company’s environmental policy
  • Levare is targeting to reduce natural resource consumption by applying advanced technologies and implements individual for each region solutions under exterior experts supervision
  • Levare manages and recycles waste and materials in accordance with the most recent industrial requirements and available in place technologies
  • Levare reduces air emissions to the environment by reducing vehicle fleet emissions and decreasing pollution any possible way
  • Levare internal standards are aligned to ISO 14001 (International Standard for environmental management systems)
  • All Levare facilities are either ISO certified or in the process of certification

We continuously enhance our Quality Management System performance

Ensuring high quality artificial lift equipment manufacturing and service through upgrading applied technologies and materials

Quality control at all stages of product life cycle, as well as repair and maintenance services, and implementation of effective measures to prevent and eliminate non-compliances and their causes

Continuous improvement of Levare employee competencies and skills

Building relationships with suppliers based on mutually beneficial cooperation and timely problem solving

Constant surveying and meeting customer needs, requirements, and expectations

Our HSE Principles:


Ensure compliance with all applicable HSE laws, codes of practices, and regulations throughout all company operations and customer locations.


Provide sufficient information, instruction, training, and supervision to enable employees to avoid hazards and to contribute positively to the health and safety of themselves and others while at work. Levare prioritizes health, safety, and environmental concerns over any economic considerations.


Protection of the environment and engaging in practices that reduce Levare's environmental footprint.


Consult with employees on issues relating to HSE.


Focus on continuous improvement of HSE performance.


Communicate openly with local authorities, customers, and suppliers on all environmental and safety aspects of Levare's business.


Continuously improve safety competences, knowledge, and overall safety culture of all our employees.

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