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ProLift® artificial lift design software empowers collaboration between Levare’s engineers and customers, and live design projects delivery. ProLift was developed by Levare team and is equipped with exhaustive functionality required for:

ProLift is Levare web-based ESP design software

Workflow is developed in the logical and convenient way

Structure of the software is built in order to fully describe fluid, well, reservoir and allows to select the best fit equipment in accordance with the provided conditions

User-friendly interface provides user with clear navigation through the project

At each step user will receive notifications of some data is mising or entered incorrectly

User can leave comments immediately during the data entry or equipment selection process - and they will be included into the relevant section of the report

Web-based solution provides multiple users with ability to share cases between the team members - no need in design files exchange via email or messengers

Convenient presets for UOMs and correlations that can be saved as multiple templates and used as per preferences and specific requirements

Report templates are easily adjustable and reflect desired set of data for each individual case

By default ProLift contains full Levare catalog of available equipment. On top of that user is able to upload inventory file with equipment of non Levare manufacturing. Several business models are available and can be provided upon the request

ProLift provides user with


Infrastructure for projects sharing and exchange


Recommendations and limitations, prepared by Levare ESP experts,at each step of equipment selection process


Logical and user-friendly interfacefor intuitive navigation


Comprehensive set of correlationsfor high-accuracy calculations


Unlimited number of personally preset units of measurements and reports templates


PDF report generation on one clickwith selected by user set of data

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