Slimline ESP System

Slim and Ultra-slim ESP Systems

Overcome the challenge of limited equipment clearance with confidence, thanks to Levare. We understand the difficulties of producing liquid in restricted spaces, whether it's an old patched wellbore, a 4" crooked hole or a pairing with a Y-tool.

With our advancements in manufacturing and design, we've slimmed-down our ESP strings to sizes previously deemed impossible. As pioneers in PMM technology, Levare has revolutionized slim line ESP solutions, setting the bar high above the competition.

Slimline ESP System

Our ultra-slim 272/319 series equipment ensures seamless delivery of liquid to the surface through casing as small as 3.46" in ID.

Furthermore, our 338 pumps now have more clearance in 4.5" casing applications, thanks to the integration of the 319 series motor technology. Choose Levare, where we solve the unsolvable.

Surface Fluid Transfer