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Levare compression pumps cover a wide range of flow rates and are very tolerant to higher thrust loads and abundant solids in the produced fluids.

Unlike floater pumps, compression pumps are better able to manage varying thrust loads in rapidly changing flow conditions as is often experienced with gas slugging. When a compression pump begins to operate in down thrust, the force is transferred and managed at the thrust bearing in the motor seal. Absorbing this down thrust force in the clean oil environment of the seal section helps extend pump run life.

Levare Packet pump is better able to withstand prolonged down thrust and abrasive production typically experienced by ESPs in unconventional well applications. The Packet pump is constructed such that as mechanical wear progresses, stage impellers will lock together in groups (configurable packets) so as to limit the axial movement of the packet along the shaft. Down thrust is then dynamically managed through a tungsten carbide (T) bearing in the diffuser at the base of each packet.


Increased production even in challenging environments

Longer ESP run life improves ROI

Wider pump operating range helps reduce intervention costs

ESP Series 60 Hz / 3,500 rpm
High-speed ESP Series 100 Hz / 6,000 rpm
Head (m)
Head (ft)
Flow Rate (bpd)
Flow Rate (m³/d)

Available stage types

Radial-flow stages are designed for efficiency at flow rates less than 1,600 bpd (250 m³/d)
Mixed-flow stages are more efficient at higher flow rates

Available stage materials

Ni-Resist with different nickel content resistant to wear and corrosion
Special alloys to handle abrasive, corrosive, and other challenging environments

Levare gas handling devices allow continuous operation of ESP systems in gassy applications, increase and improve ESP production by conditioning the gas-liquid mixture and eliminating gas locks to further reduce the tendency for underload shutdowns due to gas interference in the pump.

The versatile portfolio of Levare gas handling devices provide trouble-free ESP system operation in well conditions with free gas content up to 90% at the pump intake when Levare gas separator is installed together with Vapro gas handler.

Levare gas separators provide efficient mechanical separation of free gas from the produced mixture. They are available in 272, 338, 400, and 538 series and cover virtually every production rate delivered by the extended product line of Levare pumps. Gas separators feature abrasion-resistant design and can be trusted by conventional and unconventional oil producers.

Gas separator type Max flow rate of the connected pump @ 60 Hz Max free gas at pump intake
ESP 338 RGS 1,500 bpd up to 65%
ESP B 400 VGS CW 3000 3,000 bpd up to 75%
ESP B 400 VGS CW 5800 5,800 bpd up to 75%
ESP B 538 VGS CW 9000 9,000 bpd up to 75%

The Levare Vapro gas handler efficiently handles higher percentages of free gas in gassy wells, allowing continuous operation of ESP systems in extreme gas conditions and reducing the tendency for underload shutdowns due to gas interference in the pump.

The Vapro multiphase pump incorporates an axial-flow impeller optimized to reduce gas bubble size and create a more homogenous flow regime at a higher GLR, in the pump. This mixture of gas and liquid behaves more like a single-phase fluid helping to stabilize the flow moving into the primary pump.

When the Vapro pump is run in combination with the Levare Vortex gas separator, ESP production with GVF up to 90% is achievable.

Gas separator type Max flow rate of the connected pump @ 60 Hz Max free gas at pump intake
400 Vapro 2000 717 – 2,038 bpd up to 70%
400 Vapro 3500 832 – 3,782 bpd up to 70%
538 Vapro 2600 400 – 2,300 bpd up to 65%
538 Vapro 4400 1,600 – 4,400 bpd up to 65%
538 Vapro 12500 4,000 – 13,000 bpd up to 65%

Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, materials, and operational experience, Levare motor seals provide premium motor protection to extend run life in the most demanding applications.

Featuring a patented thrust chamber designed for optimal oil circulation to cool and stabilize the bearings at high loads, Levare seals provide reliable motor protection in harsh well conditions. Robust metal bellows motor seals are designed for high-temperature applications.

Configurable design in an elastomeric bag-type, metal bellow or a labyrinth-style chambers

Sand handling technology in head enables effective operation in abrasive wells

High load bi-directional thrust bearing that handles deep-set compression, packet and floater pumps

Steel, bronze or tungsten carbide bearing sets positioned along the shaft for added stability and high brake horsepower applications

Levare motor seals are available in either an elastomeric bag-type, metal bellow or labyrinth-style chambers, and they can be configured in a variety of tandem combinations to provide motor protection for any operational need.

Shaft Diameter
in (mm)
0.984 (25)
Splines 0.875 (22.2)
0.984 (25)
1.378 (35)
Max Shaft BHP Limit
hp (kW)
255 (190)
354 (264)
803 (600)
450 (336)
775 (578)
1500 (1119)
Max hi-load thrust bearing capacity
lbf (kgf)
2500 (1136)
9500 (4318)
16000 (7273)

The Levare harsh environment ESP motor seal goes well beyond existing high-temperature seal products, incorporating several new technologies and design enhancements helping our ESP systems achieve substantially longer run lives in the harshest production environments.

Metal bellows design

Two seal chambers each having an array of five metal bellows

Positive seal (barrier) established between well fluids and motor oil

Enhanced high-temperature thrust bearing design

Active mechanism for enhanced thrust bearing lubrication and cooling

Proprietary diamond-faced mechanical shaft seals

Triple-redundant mechanical shaft seal configuration

High-pressure ball style check valves

ZeroLeak plugs

Levare offers complete range of Induction and Permanent Magnet Motors for electric submersible, progressing cavity and plunger pumps. All motors come in wide range of specifications in order to satisfy diverse needs.

Levare offers in-house manufacturing to the highest standards and consistency along with the quality nickel copper alloy-trim fasteners, robust rotor bearings and closed slot design.

  • Induction Motor
  • Permanent Magnet Motor
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The two-pole, three-phase induction motor continues to be an ESP industry workhorse. Levare induction motors are designed for maximum reliability and efficiency even under the most demanding operating environments. We offer a complete range of induction motors for all ESP applications including.

Multiple sizes and configurations, variable horsepower
and voltage ratings

Motor rating temperature of 200°C (392°F) for conventional applications and up to 300°C for SAGD and geothermal wells

Operating speed from 35 Hz to 75 Hz

High-strength shaft materials and maximum torque capacity

Stainless steel materials or MONEL coating for corrosive environment

Motor Series

Max Horsepower
240 HP
402 HP
400 HP
1,000 HP
1,520 HP

Levare was the first company in the world to commercialize the permanent magnet motor (PMM) for ESP downhole applications in 2006. Since then, Levare has deployed more than 22,000 PMMs around the world serving a variety of ESP and PCP applications.

Permanent magnets – specially engineered and embedded in the rotor – create a constant rotor magnetic field. No electrical power is consumed in generating the rotor magnetic field. As a result, the PMM rotor experiences little to no electrical losses, is more efficient, and has higher horsepower density. This translates to a synchronous PMM with a wide operating range that consumes less energy, generates less heat and is shorter in length than an induction motor of the same rating.

ESP Motor Series

Max Horsepower
Under development
Commercial product
150 HP
120 HP
276 HP
400 HP
760 HP
980 HP
1,500 HP

PCP Motor Series

Max Horsepower
60 HP
159 HP
PMM Safety

Having pioneered the technology, today Levare has the largest proven PMM portfolio and experience. PMMs have shown to improve ESP operations by:

Efficiency at Rated Power
+ 7 ... 10% *
Power Factor
+10 ... 15% *
Operating Current
- 15%
Idle Current
- 84%
Weight and Size
- 40%
Electrical Energy Cost
- 20%
*depending on a motor size

Standard Duty

Produced gas
Produced solids
CO₂ and H₂S

Standard construction floater and compression pumps using:

  • carbon steel heads and bases, housings, and compression nut
  • stainless steel key, half rings, retaining rings, and MONEL K-500 fasteners

Harsh Duty

Produced gas
Produced solids
CO₂ and H₂S

Floater and compression pumps fitted with TC bearings at 1.1 ft (0.35 m) interval spacing and using:

  • stainless steel or MONEL K-500 coated carbon steel heads and bases
  • stainless steel keys and half rings
  • stainless steel or INCONEL retaining rings and MONEL K-500 fasteners

Floater and compression pumps exhibit similar solids handling ability, however, compression pumps are recommended for use in variable flow and higher GOR conditions

The option to use Packet pumps fitted with TC bearings at 1.1 ft (0.35 m) interval spacing and using

  • stainless steel heads and bases
  • keys and rings (INCONEL retaining rings optional)
  • stainless steel or MONEL K-500 coated carbon steel housing
  • MONEL K-500 fasteners

Extreme Duty

Produced gas
Produced solids
CO₂ and H₂S

Compression pumps fitted with TC bearings in every diffuser and using:

  • stainless steel heads, bases, and housing
  • MONEL K-500 compression nut, keys, half rings, and fasteners
  • INCONEL retaining rings

The option to use Packet pumps fitted with TC bearings every third stage and using:

  • stainless steel heads and bases
  • keys and rings (INCONEL retaining rings optional)
  • stainless steel or MONEL K-500 coated carbon steel housing
  • MONEL K-500 fasteners

The option of metal bellows applications for SAGD and geothermal applications (up to 300°C)

AFLAS O-rings are standard in all products across each duty level. HNBR and Viton material O-rings are available upon request.