Governance and Leadership

The Company is committed to adhering to sound principles of corporate governance and has adopted robust corporate governance and transparency standards that promote the efficient functioning of its Board of Directors, its committees, and the Company overall. These standards encompass robust policies, processes, and guidelines which the Company has implemented across its global organization, and which seek to add to the value of the Company and to manage the Company’s performance and interaction with customers, employees, board members, committees, and stakeholders.

The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is the effective oversight and governance of the Company’s affairs to maximize financial performance, operational excellence, and sustainable value to stakeholders.

The Board is headed by Merrill (Pete) Miller, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Appointments to the Board and meetings are undertaken in accordance with the Articles of Association.

Our senior management team and Board are committed to effective and ethical corporate governance through strict adherence to our corporate governance policies, principles, and guidelines.

Executive Management

The Company has a global leadership team from diverse backgrounds with breadth and depth of experience, knowledge and expertise gained through working in international oil and natural gas regions. They have an impressive operating track record, and have achieved organic growth, including development of new products, opening of new production facilities, and entry into new geographical and product markets.

Merrill A. “Pete” Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Merrill A. “Pete” Miller, has over 40 highly successful years in the oil industry. Pete has served as VP of US Drilling Operations at Helmerich & Payne International Drilling Co., President, and Chief Executive Officer of National Oilwell Varco. Inc, Chairman of NOV’s Board, Executive Chairman of NOV Inc.’s spin off Distribution NOW. He has served as Chairman of Swiss offshore drilling company, Transocean and served on the Boards of Chesapeake Entry Corporation, The Offshore Energy Center, The Petroleum Equipment Suppliers and Spindletop International. More recently, Pete has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HMH Inc., an oilfield equipment manufacturer.

Irina Boeva

Chief Operating Officer

Irina Boeva, has over 23 years with Borets International and has previously served as Financial Director, Corporate Management Director and since 2010 has served as the Chief Operating Officer. Over the course of her career, Irina has held several leadership positions with responsibility for planning, development, and implementation of strategic plans. Irina brings extensive management, strategic and operational expertise.

Vlad Kondratiev

EVP – Business Development and Technology

Vlad Kondratiev, has had a long career as a senior executive in the oil and gas sector. Vlad joined Borets International in 2000 as a specialist project manager. Vlad has been responsible for new product, business and technology development in international regions, and has served as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Vlad brings extensive international experience and understanding of the oilfield services industry from a technical and development perspective.

Michelle Pham (Gilligan)

Chief Legal Officer

Michelle Pham, has 25 years’ experience as a lawyer and company secretary. She began her career in private practice at international law firms in Sydney and London where she specialised in cross-border transactions with a focus on natural resources. Her clients included BHP and Sumitomo. Michelle has extensive experience advising management and stakeholders on strategy, risk, corporate governance and compliance.

Daniil Shapirovsky

Chief Financial Officer

Daniil Shapirovsky, started his career at PwC before joining Borets International in 2006. Since then, as Head of International Finance he has been responsible for successful Eurobond issues, financial management, and reporting across international regions, dealing with financial institutions and international rating agencies, developing and implementing control systems and working with internal and external auditors. Daniil brings extensive experience in managing a multijurisdictional finance team and group-wide finance projects.

Kevin Scarsdale

Director Engineering

Kevin Scarsdale Kevin has 34 years’ experience in the Artificial Lift industry. Kevin was previously with Schlumberger for over 30 years where he held various technical roles in Engineering, Manufacturing, Business development, and Project management. He has extensive knowledge of ESP technologies, Horizontal Pumping Systems, Alternative Deployed ESPs, Gas Lift barrier valves, and Subsea ESPs. As AL Subsea Technical Advisor, he led multiple client technology development projects related to high reliability ESPs for subsea applications. Kevin has also served as Engineering Manager related to ESP New Product Development and Sustainability. He holds 28 patents related to Artificial lift technology and brings specialist technical and engineering expertise.

Luis E. Seczon

Chief Technology Officer

Luis E. Seczon Luis has over 30 years in the oil industry. He started his career working for Oil operators in Colombia: ESSO, Ecopetrol, and Occidental in Production and Workover Rig activities. He then worked with Baker Hughes and Weatherford, assuming regional positions in Latin America. For the past 15 years, he has served as Country and Regional manager in Venezuela and Colombia before his appointment as CTO for Borets International in 2020. Luis has been instrumental in Permanent Magnet Motor technology growth in the international markets, initially with ESPs and PCPs, and more recently with Linear Pumps. He brings extensive industry experience and technology expertise.

Board of Directors


Merrill (Pete) Miller

Independent Non-Executive Director

Stacy Palmatary

Non-Executive Directors

Gregory Schtulberg

Mark Shabad

Lev Shtulberg

Natalia Bryantseva

The Board has three standing committees charged with specific oversight

The Committees of the Board assist
in overseeing various processes
Audit Committee
Remuneration Committee
Finance Committee

Primary duties:

Reviews the Company’s financial statements and reporting systems

Appoints and reviews the performance of external auditors

Discusses the financial accounting and reporting principles and adequacy of internal accounting, financial and operating controls with the auditors and management

Reviews reports of internal audits submitted to the Committee

Oversees and monitors compliance with policies, procedures, risk management and corporate governance systems

Primary duties:

Develop and review overall compensation strategy and framework

Reviews and approves the corporate goals and objectives relevant to senior management

Evaluates performance criteria, incentives and bonus plans of senior management

Primary duties:

Review policies relating to cash flows, working capital, expenditure and cash management

Review annual and projected financial plans and any investment policies

Review and recommend to the Board debt or credit lines

Review and approve management of foreign currencies or other instruments

The Company meets high ethical standards

The Company has in place robust policies and procedures, including the Code of Conduct aimed at meeting high ethical standards to ensure sound and transparent corporate governance and financial disclosure standards. It places strong emphasis on necessary diligence and compliance with all applicable anti-corruption and trade control regimes. These principles serve as the foundation and guidelines for the governance of the Company. The Company’s senior management and legal team review these principles and supporting policies on a regular basis to ensure that they are updated and maintained in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

For complete description, refer to Code of Conduct, Know your counterparty (KYC) sanctions policy