Variable Speed Drives

Precise, reliable surface control of Induction or Permanent Magnet Motors.

Levare variable speed drives (VSD) provide precision control and maximum protection of both induction and permanent magnet motors (PMM). Engineered with ESP and PCP applications in mind – Levare VSDs incorporate an array of advanced functions and control software algorithms plus data integration and remote communication interface capabilities.


Control of induction or permanent magnet motors (PMMs) used with

  • Electric submersible pumps (ESP)
  • Electric submersible progressing cavity pumps (PCP)
  • Horizontal pumping systems (HPS)

Data acquisition and integration

Interface to remote SCADA

Special Application Software Algorithms

Gas Lock Ride Thru

The Gas Lock Ride Thru function works to break or eliminate gas-lock conditions. When enabled and specific conditions of underload are detected, this application steps the drive through multiple predetermined speed levels until gas-locking conditions are overcome.

Current Limit

When in Clamp Mode, the Current Limit function acts to reduce motor frequency when motor current during operation exceeds a predetermined upper threshold. While in Target Mode, it acts as a PID regulator that can increase and decrease the frequency to maintain a desirable motor current level.

Pump Unfreeze Function

The Pump Unfreeze applications enable operator control to free a stuck downhole pump system by means of either controlled reversal of direction (JOG mode) or controlled application of variable torque level (TORQUE mode).

The Axiom® II VSD controls IMs and PMMs with maximum efficiency and reliability. The drive utilizes a proprietary vector control algorithm to achieve maximum efficiency using Levare PMMs. With a built-in filter, the Axiom® II delivers a near sinusoidal output waveform to downhole equipment.

The Axiom® II VSD, is available in NEMA 3R or NEMA 4 enclosures, in 6, 12, 18, and 24 pulse input configurations and in size ratings from 112 Amps to 1,100 Amps.


Superior reliability reduces drive downtime

A wider range of lift system options using a single drive

Optimized motor efficiency with vector control for PMMs reduces OPEX


Open loop vector control of PMMs
Scalar control of induction motors (IMs)
Touch-safe components
Advanced human machine interface (AHMI)
Data integration and communications interface
DriveWorksEZ® custom programming software

Specifically designed and built for oilfield applications, the Intellek™ VSD comes with an integral output sine wave filter (SWF) and incorporates the latest surface controller technology, the Levare UHMI. Integrating external surface and/or downhole sensor measurements, programmable control and protection software functions enable intelligent ESP, PMM-PCP and well operations.

Standard Intellek™ VSDs are equipped with a NEMA4 rated enclosure and are well suited to protect against the demanding environmental conditions experienced in many operating locations.


Increased system run life

Optimized system performance

Increased well production


Multiple motor start modes (soft, jog, rock, current)
Automatic, manual and programmable operating modes
Protective alarms and shutdown
Superior personnel safety
Compatible with most downhole sensors
User-friendly UHMI interface
Different configurations to fit most end user requirements

The Model-15 VSD intelligently and efficiently controls induction motors and permanent magnet motors used in ESP and electric submersible PCP applications. The Model-15 application specific firmware contains all of the needed algorithms for managing submersible pumping systems even in the most challenging well conditions, including auto restarts, frequency controls, pump unfreeze, catch spinning motor, and speed up / slow down for gas lock conditions.

The Model-15 VSD is offered in IP54 rated enclosures and provided with a built-in sine wave output filter and an emergency shutdown feature. The drive cabinet, doors, and locking devices ensure reliable protection of internal equipment, controls, and external junction box components.


Automatic and manual control
Soft start and stop capability
Programmable motor frequency
Change of motor rotation direction and starting torque
Motor rotation direction does not depend on input voltage phase rotation
Automatic removal of gas locks in the pumping system
Backspin protection with restart frequency selection
Jogging mode
Automatic operating parameters maintaining
Intelligent well control
Various motor start modes, including pump unfreeze
Current performance and operating parameters monitoring and displaying
Firmware update without ESP system shutdown
Remote monitoring and control via GSM modem / SCADA system
Self-testing mode
Recording all operational parameters and motor start / stop data to the internal memory and downloading it to USB flash drive
Configuration Options
  • Built-in surface readout units
  • Built-in power meter
  • Backspin braking kit
  • GSM modem
  • External circuit breaker handle
VSD Product Line ESP PCP
Model-15-160A V V
Model-15-250A V V
Model-15-400A V V
Model-15-630A V V
Model-15-1000A V
Model-15-1200A V
Model-15-1600A V