Permanent Magnet Motor Safety (RTS)

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The RTS Alert continuous deployment monitoring system acquires and logs valuable downhole and surface measurement data while installing or retrieving electric submersible pump (ESP) systems in a well.

Key output parameters monitored are used to

Help reduce field personnel exposure to electric shock hazard

Aid in the investigation and resolution of potential deployment related service-quality events

Provide a measure of installation or retrieval operational efficiency (ESP Field Technicians and rig crew).

ESP system operations utilizing permanent magnet motors (PMM) introduce the potential risk for electric shock exposure at surface. In the event the downhole system (pump and motor assembly) experience any unplanned shaft rotation (backspin), the PMM acts like an AC generator and can potentially generate lethal voltage and current in the power cable.

The RTS Alert system helps protect personnel against the potentially harmful effects of backspin by first shorting and isolating the power cable leads at the reel and by continuously monitoring for any current on the cable generated by backspin during deployment. Threshold set points defined by the user in the RTS Alert system to detect anomalous current or downhole pressure conditions, trigger both visual and audible alarms alerting personnel in the vicinity to potentially hazardous backspin condition.

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